Sheba Tray Fine Recipes in Sauce

85g Turkey in White Sauce


* High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition for your feline companion
* A fine combination of delicate cat food pieces in specially selected sauces
* 85g cat food tray gently prepared, with a delicious flavour that cat's love
* Delicious pet food made from select ingredients and certified sustainable fish
* Quality cat food recipes made with no artificial colours or preservatives

Ingredients in the Turkey in White Sauce:
* Meat and Animal Derivatives (43%, including 4% Turkey)
* Cereals
* Minerals
* Various Sugars

Ingredients in the Lamb & Vegetables:
* Meat and Animal Derivatives (40% including 4% Lamb)
* Vegetables (including 4% of a Mix of Carrots and Green Beans)
* Cereals
* Minerals
* Herbs
* Various Sugars