Pro Plan Adult Dog Food 7+

Pro Plan Food 14kg - Special Price


Purina® Pro Plan® Dog 7+ food with Optiage is a complete dry dog food that offers your older dog high quality senior dog nutrition. It has been specially formulated for medium and large dogs that are aged seven or over.

This complete dry dog food has been specially formulated to support older dogs by meeting the specific demands of senior dog nutrition. The Purina® vets and nutritionists behind Optiage have created a patented blend of nutrients proven to enhance brain function, increase activity levels, and promote liveliness and interest in play for ageing dogs. As well helping take care of their brains, our senior dog food with Optiage helps to promote good dental hygiene and healthy joints. Made with pieces of high quality chicken, your senior dog can love every mealtime.

If your medium or large breed dog is over the age of seven, he can benefit from the nutritional advantages of Purina® Pro Plan® Dog 7+ with Optiage.