The Pure Feed Company Pure Gut Balancer



Normal hindgut function is crucial to the health of horses. Hindgut function can become disturbed due to many factors, including exercise, stress, transport, changes in weather, dehydration, changes in diet, medications such as antibiotics and wormers and illness. Pure Plus Gut Balancer is a combination of pre and probiotics which will help to maintain normal hindgut acidity and aid the natural process of fibre digestion. The probiotic component consists of live yeast. This yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae is chosen because it is a protected live yeast which has a unique coating to ensure high levels of active yeast reach the hindgut. The prebiotic component contains mannans (mannanoligosaccharides or MOS) and beta-glucans. These products attach to the bacteria in the intestinal tract. Beta-glucans have been shown to interact with the immune system.

* Supports gut health & digestion
* Aids natural gut balance
* Powerful combination of pre and probiotics
* Contains live yeast with an active coating to ensure it reaches the hind gut
* Can be used alongside any of the Pure Feed range
* Particularly beneficial in helping to maintain and restore natural gut balance when changing the horse's diet or at times of stress