Speedgate's Unaffiliated Dressage Results
Sunday 21st May 2017

We received yet another fantastic turnout for our fourth Unaffiliated Dressage show of the season.

Well done to all competitors who competed, and congratulations to all our deserving winners. The standard of riding was once again very high and we hope you all had an enjoyable day.

Prelim 15

Judge - Lynne Southwood

1st Kate Boxall and Irish Law 73.2% (75)
2nd Lara Higgs and Eternal Bond 69.2% (73)
3rd Louise Deverell and Fair Play 68.6% (68)
4th Charlie Sunderland and Swallowfields Goldfinch 67.2% (70)
5th Sara Crane and Go Diego Go 66.2% (68)
6th Hannah Ruddleston and Felix 64.4% (64)

Prelim 19

Judge - Lynne Southwood

1st Emma Wyatt and Billy Rook 72.2% (74)
2nd Victoria Fox and Redinagh Keen Edge 70.2% (72)
3rd Laura Higgs and Eternal Bond 67.0% (70)
4th Charlie Sunderland and Swallowfields Goldfinch 65.0% (67)
5th Kiera Wigley and Hail Caesar 64.7% (63)
6th Joanne Horne and Little Luna Bay 64.5% (65)

Novice 22

Judge - Tania Dahdi

1st Frances Phillips and Riotinto 67.2% (54)
2nd Emma Wyatt and Billy Rook 67.1% (54)
3rd Kimberley Beattie and Scallywag UK 66.4% (52)
4th Diane Lorton and Merlin Himself 64.5% (51)
5th Keira Wigley and Hail Caesar 64.1% (50)
6th Debbie Garland and EFS Khamsin Eclipse 63.4% (52)

Novice 39/Elementary 45

Judge - Tania Dahdi

1st Gill Davey and Caradog 66.7% (54)
2nd Kimberley Beattie and Scallywag UK 65.2% (51)
3rd Freya Elliott and Whitstable Bay 59.8% (49)

Our next Unaffiliated Dressage show is Sunday 4th June. You can now enter all our Dressage and Show Jumping competitions online via www.equoevents.co.uk.

Posted: Tue 23rd May 17