Speedgate's Unaffiliated Dressage Results
Saturday 28th October 2017

Saturday 28th October saw a pleasing turnout for our final Unaffiliated Dressage show of the season. With those important final points to gain it was going to be close in some sections for who would be crowned our 2017 Champions.

The Intro class got us off to a great start, with Leigh Mitchem and her young horse Remember Me being the first combination to trot down the centre line. Having had a very successful first season competing and gaining 40 points, it was fitting that they became our Intro Champions.

Intro C

Judge: Karla Knapp

1st Jane Lockwood and Paddy VII 69.1% (69)
2nd Joanne Horne and Little Luna Bay 69.1% (68)
3rd Helen Chatfield Rigby and Kippure Sundance 66.9% (67)
4th Leigh Mitchem and Remember Me 65.9% (64)
5th Shirley Stewart and Tinahely Smurf 65.2% (63)
6th Izzy Mayes and Fozzie 63.5% (63)

Intro Champion - Leigh Mitchem and Remember Me

With only one point between our potential Prelim Champions Joanne Horne and Laura Higgs, there was everything to ride for. Emma Wyatt and her lovely Billy Rook took victory in the Prelim class, with a fantastic score of 71.1%. There were a further three riders posting scores of over 67%. With only 2% between their scores on the day, and unfortunately not getting into the placings, the championship scores remained unchanged. So, with a final score of 20 points, Joanne Horne and Little Luna Bay became our Prelim Champions.

Prelim 17

Judge: Jane Lavington

1st Emma Wyatt and Billy Rook 71.1% (73)
2nd Gill Cufley and Orizina 67.5% (69)
3rd Abi Haime and Cool Echo 67.5% (68)
4th Eve Mayes and Dreamworks Desire 67.0% (68)
5th Natalie Lillis and In Good Hands 66.1% (66)
6th Caroline Bullard and Mullingah 65.7% (70)

Prelim Champion - Joanne Horne and Little Luna Bay

Throughout the day it was again wonderful to see regular and new horse/rider combinations coming forward to compete with us. It was a new combination to Speedgate, in Aaron Otway and Last Chance IMP, that posted the winning score in the Novice class. Having had a little bit of an up and down season, but consistent placings when able to compete, it was very fitting for Frances Phillips and her stunning horse Riotinto to be crowned our Novice Champions.

Novice 23

Judge: Marion Hollands

1st Aaron Otway and Last Chance IMP 67.1% (40.5)
2nd Eve Mayes and Dreamworks Desire 66.8% (41.5)
3rd Emma Wyatt and Billy Rook 66.4% (41.0)
4th Frances Phillips and Riotinto 65.4% (39.5)
5th Louise Deverell and Fair Play 65.2% (39.0)
6th Caroline Bullard and Mullingah 63.3% (39.0)

Novice Champion - Frances Phillips and Riotinto

With a 0.8% lead it was Jo Purvor and Partriot that lifted the final victory of the day with a lovely Elementary test, giving them a score of 66.9%. But with no horse/rider combinations competing in four or more of the PYO classes over the series, there was sadly no Champion to be crowned.

Novice 37/ Ele 57

Judge: Marion Hollands

1st Jo Purvor and Patriot 66.9% (55)
2nd Louise Deverell and Fair Play 66.1% (53)
3rd Frances Phillips and Riotinto 64.5% (53)

Thank you to everyone that has competed and supported the shows throughout the season. It has been another fantastic year watching people achieve their goals, and in some cases riders putting their demons to bed. Congratulations once again to all our deserving winners and Champions.

Posted: Tue 7th Nov 17