Speedgate's Unaffiliated Dressage Results
Saturday 10th March 2018

Our 2018 Event season got underway on Saturday 10th March with the first in the series of our Unaffiliated Dressage competitions.

Despite the recent dreadful weather conditions, competitors brushed off the winter blues and donned their show jackets to kick off the season. With good entries for all classes we had a fantastic day of competition.

As always it was lovely to see and catch up with regular faces as well as meeting so many new competitors visiting us for the first time.

Intro B

Judge: Alison Orsbourn

1st Liz Dougill and Crunchie 72.6% (73)
2nd Olivia-Ray Smithson and Mr Barnie Rubble 70.9% (71)
3rd Vanessa Buschschluter and Coast to Coast K 68.9% (69)
4th Linda Hughes and Ella's Dream 66.1% (67)
5th Hannah Bourgoine and Cors Cavalier 65.0% (64)
6th Amelia Brown and Angelbrook Ruby 62.8% (69)

Intro C

Judge: Alison Orsbourn

1st Charlotte Sunderland and Swallowfields Thunderbird 67.8% (69)
2nd Linda Hughes and Ella's Dream 67.8% (68)
3rd Jenny Davidson and Crunchie 64.3% (64)
4th Chanice Wilson and Star 63.6% (64)
5th Millie Cansdale and Vinnie 62.2% (62)
6th Kerry Paterson and Athlone Cosmo 57.6% (57)

Prelim 7

Judge: Tania Dahdi

1st Laura Higgs and Eternal Bond 69.5% (69)
2nd Claire Yearsley and Malaki 67.7% (67)
3rd Olivia-Ray Smithson and Mr Barnie Rubble 66.8% (53)
4th Claudine Berger and Apache d'Epinette 66.1% (66)
5th Vanessa Buschschluter and Coast to Coast K 65.4% (66)
6th Lizzie Porter and Pakora Décor 63.2% (63)

Prelim 13

Judge: Tania Dahdi

1st Louise Deverell and Fairplay 70.4% (69)
2nd Claudine Berger and Apache d'Epinette 67.1% (68)
3rd Claire Yearsley and Malaki 66.1% (64)
4th Laura Higgs and Eternal Bond 63.5% (64)
5th Liz Dougill and Crunchie 63.3% (61)
6th Tony Sandford and Chellos Falcon 62.5% (61)

All competitors that were placed 1st - 4th are eligible for qualification for the Sunshine Tour Championships being held at Hickstead in September. Please see details on their website on how to register your qualification. For competitors wishing to have their qualifying cards signed and results verifying please contact Karen on 01474-888474 or email events@speedgate.co.uk.

Congratulations once again to all our deserving winners and thank you to everyone that came and supported the show. Our next show in the dressage series is Sunday 29th April. Please enter early to avoid disappointment.

Photographs were taken on the day and can be viewed/purchased by visiting https://stavros-sports.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1562878

Posted: Tue 13th Mar 18