Speedgate's Fun Easter Dressage Show Results
Friday 30th March 2018

Friday 30th March saw the first of our three fun dressage events for the season. The weather was not particularly kind to our riders, but that was not going to deter them from having some fun. Easter costumes and bonnets were encouraged and some of our competitors braved the rain in order to show them off.

Intro B

Judge: Stacey Ward

1st Jane Lockwood and Paddy VII 68.6% (69)
2nd Katie Palmer and Jackson 64.5% (66)
3rd Erin Audino and Worsenden Meeko 64.3% (64)
4th Shirley Stewart and Tinahely Smurf 64.1% (63)
5th Bo Mulley and Techion Charlie 62.4% (63)
6th Victoria Perry and Lupita XVI 61.9% (63)

Fancy Dress Winner: Bo Mulley

Prelim 14

Judge: Karla Knapp

1st Cassi Moss and Thorlenium 69.8% (71)
2nd Karen Brookbank and Funny Boy 68.5% (69)
3rd Katie Earl and Sismo Da Peramanca 67.5% (69)
4th Millie Hall and Ukolelee Roco Cerf 66.3% (68)
5th Debbie Slade and Sparrowhall Sambucus 65.4% (67)
6th Linda Hughes and Ella's Dream 64.0% (63)

Fancy Dress Winner: Linda Hughes

Novice 24

Judge: Karla Knapp

1st Cassi Moss and Thorlenium 64.1% (40)
2nd Frances Phillips and Riotinto 61.1% (38)
3rd Debbie Garland and EFS Khamsin Eclipse 60.2% (35.5)
4th Alaine Benardis and Cracker Jack 58.9% (35.5)
5th Katherine Heasman and Delia 57.2% (34)

Fancy Dress Winner: Debbie Garland

Thank you to everyone that came and supported the show. Congratulations to all our deserving class and fancy dress winners.

Photographs were taken on the day and can be viewed/purchased by visiting https://stavros-sports.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1569049

Posted: Tue 10th Apr 18