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Alan Davies’ Top Tips for Clipping

As we head into the season of horses growing their winter coats, it is important that we avoid excessive sweating with clipping to help coat care and speed up the cooling process after work to keep their skin and muscles in the best possible condition. This helps horses to regulate their body temperature and here are a couple of my top tips to help you achieve an effective clip.

Preparation is key

Before clipping, I ensure that the coat is as clean as possible as this helps to give a smoother surface for the blades to cut through. Bathing with NAF Teatree & Mint Shampoo conditions the coat and helps to lift grease and dirt, thanks to the inclusion of essential oils. If bathing is not possible or practical make sure that the coat is groomed well using NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler to ensure the coat is in the best possible condition prior to clipping.

Once you have a clean, dry coat, you can start to clip, but be sure to remember to use a skin friendly clipper oil to avoid any unwanted reactions.

Add the finishing touches

Once I’ve finished clipping, I always hot cloth. This is a great traditional approach that has been proven to support healthy, supple skin. I always recommend NAF Love the Skin he’s in Skin Wash; it’s a completely natural product which gives the coat and skin the care it deserves.

Using the measuring cap, add one cap into tepid water, dilute to 5L and use the free red cleansing towel to begin hot clothing. To do this, simply soak the cloth, wring out well and rub into the coat before smoothing the hair in the direction of growth.

Thanks to the powerful properties of NAF Love the Skin he’s in Skin Wash, you can also apply the wash neat onto particularly challenged areas. The wash itself works to help strengthen and support dry and challenged skin by helping to boost its own moisturising properties.

Using the right products can really help to keep the skin in optimum condition as well as promoting a healthy regrowth.

It’s important to prepare your products before clipping. Do you have a suitable shampoo to help clean the coat before you begin? Do you have a suitable hot clothing product to work on the post clipping process? If you have any questions on the best products to use, contact NAF via their FREE Nutritional Advice Line on 0800 373 106 or email