Roeckl Milas Gloves

Size 8 1/2 Black


The Milas is a universal, highly robust riding glove. Thanks to its solid and innovative built it is also suitable for lunging, loading horses on a trailer or for working at the stables.

The Milas glove has a Duradero palm. This tried and tested synthetic suede is particularly robust and therefore ideal for handling and lunging. At the same time, it is comfortably soft and supple, thereby guaranteeing a sensitive feeling on the reins.

The glove is reinforced with additional SILICONE-GRIP trimming for handling the curb bit as well as on the thumbs and palms for a reliable grip.

The backhand is made from elastic, robust Spandex, and the slim cut with ROECKL's exclusive COMFORT-CUT ensure an excellent fit.

Thanks to the functional RAIL FINGER CUT, the glove's fingertips are specially protected against damage. A soft neoprene cuff and fastener below the palm reliably secure the Milas around the wrist.

The glove is machine-washable at 30° Celsius