Derriere Equestrian G

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Large Nude (UK Size 12-14)
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The Derriere Equestrian G is designed to eradicate seamlines visible through breeches and ensure no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions are created due to stitched seams.

The technology used to design and produce the DEPP incorporates bonding of fabrics, creating naked seams free of full stitching. To ensure the garments are of the highest designer quality, support stitches are placed at specific points on the bonded seams for full security. The DEPP features the characteristic designer jacquard that finishes Derriere Equestrian® undergarments with style and quality second to none.

The fabric selection for the bonded DEPP is high end, luxury, sporting technology, from our fabric suppliers in Southern Italy. The content is a mix of Polyamide and Elasthanne, providing you with elegant, designer underwear that is soft, supportive, with the performance stretch needed for equestrian sports.

Washing instructions:

* Machine washing at low temperatures, only on delicate cycles of 30c. Use neutral, non-aggressive detergents
* Do not bleach
* No chlorine
* Do not dry clean
* Avoid conditioners and fabric softeners, as they may contribute to reduce the compression set of the foams
* Do not tumble dry
* Don't leave soiled clothing unwashed, as residual sweat will damage the garment
* Keep like colours together