The Pure Feed Company Pure Respiratory



The respiratory systems of horses and ponies are constantly challenged by allergens such as dust, pollens and moulds, by infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma and by cold, heat and pollutants such as ozone, sulphur dioxide and PM10.

These challenges deplete the defences of the respiratory system, in particular Vitamin C which lines the airways and Vitamin E which is in the membranes of the cells of the respiratory system.

Supplementation of horses with oral antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E has been shown in controlled scientific studies to reduce airway inflammation and reduce clinical signs.

Pure Plus respiratory supplement contains high concentrations of bioavailable forms of Vitamins C & E. In addition Pure Plus respiratory supplement also contains optimal levels of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which has been shown in a number of studies to have anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the airways.

Pure Plus respiratory supplement also meets or exceeds recommended daily requirements for Copper (Cu), Zinc (Z) and Manganese (Mn) and provides a source of organic Selenium (Se) which are essential for the optimal function of antioxidant enzymes that form part of the lungs immune defences.

Hays, pastures and cereals tend to provide a variable intake of these trace elements and therefore for many horses additional dietary supplementation is desirable.

* For horses with challenged respiratory systems as a result of age, illness, environment or competition
* MSM to support the anti-inflammatory process
* Powerful antioxidant combination of Vitamin C & Vitamin E
* Helps support a healthy respiratory system