Gift Cards

Speedgate Gift Card Information

Speedgate Gift Cards are incredibly easy to use and may be spent both in-store and online.

They are available in £5 denominations with a minimum value of £10. You will find instructions below as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions but should you need any further assistance please contact us on 01474 872313 or via email at and we will be very happy to help.

Buy a Gift Card online now

To use your Gift Card in-store

Simply present your Gift Card at any of our Speedgate stores when you make your purchase and we will do the rest. Gift Cards may be spent in part or full, in £5 denominations. Staff can check the balance of a card at any time upon request. If you wish to view the locations of our stores please click here.

To use your Gift Card online

If you wish to use your Gift Card to make online purchases you must first have an existing online Speedgate Account. Not registered yet? Don’t worry it only takes a couple of minutes. Once registered against your online account Gift Card funds may be applied to your basket in part or full at the Checkout in £5 denominations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I spend my Gift Card?
    You may spend your Gift Card online through the Speedgate website or in store at any one of our store locations. Find your nearest store by clicking here.

  • What can I buy with my Gift Card?
    Gift Cards can be used as full or part payment for any products excluding entry to Speedgate Events.

  • How can I check my Gift Card balance?
    Your balance can be checked in store by a member of staff on request, online by logging in to your Speedgate website account or by contacting us on 01474 872313.

  • What are the Gift Card Terms and Conditions?
    Gift Cards cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Gift Cards may only be used for purchase of eligible goods in a Speedgate store or online. Purchases are deducted from Gift Cards in £5 denominations only. Speedgate is not responsible if a card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase but can be extended on request.

  • Can I return an item purchased using a Gift Card?
    Yes, you can return items to any Speedgate store or through our online returns procedure within 28 days of purchase. To view our full Returns Policies please click here. The amount of the return will be refunded back to the existing Gift Card if possible or a Refund Card replacement card will be issued. Any postage charges are non-refundable.

  • Does the Gift Card ever expire?
    Yes, a Gift Card with a balance is valid for 24 months from the last credit, after which the Gift Card will expire but can be extended on request.

  • Can I receive cash back on funds I have placed in my Gift Card?
    No, your Gift Card may be redeemed for products only and may not be exchanged for cash.

  • What happens if my Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?
    Please treat Gift Cards like cash. Speedgate is not liable to replace or reimburse the balance if the Gift Card is lost, stolen, damaged or used without permission.

  • Where do I find my Gift Card ID and Authorisation Code?
    Both can be found on the reverse of the Gift Card underneath the black magnetic strip.

  • I have a query regarding my Gift Card, who should I contact?
    Please visit your local Speedgate store, contact us on 01474 872313 or email and we will be happy to assist with your query.

  • Can anyone use my Gift Card?
    Yes, the Gift Card can be used by you or given to anyone you choose. However, please note that if you have already linked the Gift Card to your online account, the bearer of the Gift Card will also have access to any Speedgate Loyalty Scheme vouchers that you have previously earned.

  • Are Gift Cards sold in specific denominations?
    Yes, Gift Cards are sold in £5 denominations with a £10 minimum purchase.

  • Can a Gift Card be used to purchase another Gift Card?
    Yes, you are able to purchase a Gift Card with another Gift Card.

  • How many Gift Cards can I use during one transaction/purchase?
    You may use multiple Gift Cards in a single transaction as long as they are not linked to different online accounts or Loyalty Cards.

  • Am I restricted to using my Gift Card only at the store of purchase?
    No, the Gift Card can be used at any Speedgate store. Locate your nearest store by clicking here

  • Where can I purchase a Gift Card?
    You can purchase a Gift Card at any Speedgate store or by clicking here